Introducing A Fractional CTO Service That

Will Guarantee Your IT Delivers

For Critical Outcomes…

With Real IT Leadership

What's your biggest challenge?

Need a Digital Transformation or to migrate to the Cloud while optimising the use of capital?
Defending your business in against cyber threats.
Optimising the cost and time of delivering new business capabilities.
Looking for a “Critical Friend” to challenge and guide your technology journey?
When buying another business and combining IT portfolios, how will you reduce cost and drive efficiencies?

The Benefits of a Fractional CTO
Control the cost of full time CTO salary.
Draw on deep experience in technology and at board level.
Strong Governance
Industry & Public Sector Real Wold Experience
What goes into Expert Platform Assessment
For Investors & VCs
Understanding that VCs and Private Equity (PE) firms need to have a thorough understanding of the platforms in which they intend to invest.
So we provide in-depth reporting that identifies genuine IP as well as risks and technical debt associated with platforms.
Divestments are frequently more complicated than acquisitions with the need to unravel the systems and data.
Cloud Migration that works for you
Assess your current application portfolio
Rationalise where possible
Seamlessly moving your IT infrastructure into the cloud.
Monitoring and protecting the environment.
Multi Layer Security in-depth protecting your business
Secuirty is the number one threat faced by all businesses today. Ensuring that your business systems and I.T. are secure is of the utmost importance.
Our deep experience can ensure that your business is protected to the fullest extent.
Creating an IT Strategy that delivers the business vision
What are the goals and ambitions of the business and how does the IT support and deliver those capabilities?
What new and disruptive technologies can be deployed to provide competitive advantage?
What is stopping your business from achieving its goals?

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Take advantage of a professional review, where we can use an interactive whiteboard to

  • List your biggest issues and challenges
  • Do a S.W.O.T. or MoSCoW analysis
  • Map out your best technology option
  • Identify a high-level Technology Strategy

Then working together we can consider a potential implementation route map.

The initial meeting is totally without obligation or cost on either side.

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You will come away with ideas and strategies that will help drive your technology management and practice.

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How the Service Works

Great CTOs provide a premium service, but not all businesses need that level of support on a full time basis.

In today's world, all businesses of any scale need the support of a CTO to a greater or lesser extent. However, smaller businesses can find the costs of employing a CTO exceed their budget.

Hence, we provide a seasoned CTO on a retained basis to work with you for a defined number of days per month. They will always be on the end of a phone or an email to provide advice and guidance.

The benefit is you end up with a 1st rate CTO services, great strategies and deliver management at cost you can afford. Enabling you to invest in better quality next level management, and better outcomes.

HSBC Network Rail West Midlands Combined Authority One Family First Direct The Home Office Hargreaves Lansdown Lloyds Bank

The Value of a Critical Friend
Frequently, it is good to be able to open up and disclose ideas and problems in a safe environment, and to discuss and work through the best actions and appropriate discussions.
The Critical Friend service enables this to happen on a regular basis, testing ideas and concepts. You can benefit from our experience so that you get it right.
Architecture and roadmaps go hand in hand.
Establishing some architectural key deliverables will significantly aid the technology decision-making process.
Reduce the overall cost of your IT.
Change the business's approach to how it uses and protects its data.
Road maps are a critical part of any technology practice, enabling you to know where you are going and where you have been.
Provide clarity about where to spend the budget.
Identify the quick wins.
With whom to partner
With many years of experience we know how to manage suppliers, integrations and software development.
We have a well defined environment assessment process.
We understand the damage that can be created by technical debt.
Business Growth through technology
As your business grows it is vital that your IT systems scale and remain highly available.
Systems outage or poor user experience WILL cost customers and money.
Integrating with new partners doesn't have to be hard.
Your systems and IT need to match the velocity of the market.
Realising your Vision
Understanding the IT world we can deliver a technology vision to match the business vision.
Provide genuine commercial advantage.
Build the business cases that support the vision.
Ensure delivery with a velocity that matches the business.

Find out if we would be a good fit

By arranging a short meeting we will get to the heart of your IT issues.

And you will get a clear view of how to move forward with confidence.

Our goal is to deliver significant value without any commitment on your behalf.

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Please provide an email address
Please provide a phone number
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What goes to make a great CTO

  1. The ability to communicate in all directions, and provide clarity to all who received the communication.
  2. A thorough understanding of the business, its needs and alignment with the entire leadership team.
  3. Building a business case that can explain how the business value will be delivered and when, by working closely with the business stakeholder to identify the benefits that drives the business strategy.
  4. Developing plan that will deliver the business improvements by focusing on the business outcomes, not just on the technology journey.
  5. Engaging with the business and technology team to make the business processes changes happen; drive the organisational and people change; manage the data/information & application updates and ensure the technology milestones are met.
  6. Monitoring and reporting change progress to the stakeholders. Energising resources and to delivering quality solutions across all work effort.